A Pro-Palestinian Boy Entered the Field Holding LGBTQ Flag During ICC Cricket World Cup Final!

boy wearing pro-plestinian shirt and holding LGBTQ flag trying to hug Virat Kohli

During the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup Final in Ahmedabad stadium, a boy entered the field in the first innings while the Indian team was batting.

The boy was holding an LGBTQ flag (rainbow-colored) as seen in the images. He was also wearing a T-shirt with “Free Palestine” on its backside and “Stop Bombing at Gaza” on its front. He ran toward Virat Kohli and tried to hug him.

He entered the stadium in the 13th over and after that, the security pulled him out of the field in order to continue the match. The Indian News channels reported “Security breach during the India versus Australia ICC World Cup 2023 Final match, in Ahmedabad after a spectator entered the field to meet Virat Kohli.”

This whole incident was somehow annoying for the Indian public because a majority of their public is pro-Israeli. After this incident, a lot of responses came out from the Indian public on Twitter (formally X). Some mentioned the photo of the day but on the other hand, some were against this act.

Later it was reported that the boy was an Australian National.

Please let us know about your opinion about this in the comment section.

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