Adverse Effects of Social Media

man irritated by adverse effects of social media

Our start-up is the first motivating spark for the day. But how we start our day! With mummy’s last warning to wake up, meowing of your pet jumping on your bed, tolerating irritating noise created by your roommate looking for a lost shirt in the cupboard, hearing the gruff voice of the continuously ringing clock alarm which is always turned off and put aside, or a beep of WhatsApp message.

Surely, it will be the last one for many of us. A minute tone/vibration is the first alert, and then there is a drill of scrolling down through all the messages and notifications on social media groups commenting on posts on Instagram, and replying most awaited E-mail. Not different is the end of the day. Use of social media is inevitable, but it is beneficial or devastating for us? The conclusion of this debate might be neutral, positive, or negative. This debate is just to identify the adverse effects of social media on us.

Positive Effects of Social Media and Its Significance

Naturally, every one of us wants happiness. Keeping ourselves happy is one of the best strategies for being persistently engaged in our daily routine activities conveniently and fervently, and tackling the whole day’s tiring load of responsibilities and hassles smoothly and handily. Instigators and entrepreneurs might introduce social media as a valuable source for fulfilling our happiness with multiple goals, considering human psychological needs. However, the provision of convenience and entertainment is the basic mechanism for inserting attraction for consumers in all social media tools we use daily.

The second major attraction is that social media provides financial security to newbies for passive income generation and boosting businesses. This attraction can now rank as foremost, as it has become the basic source of revenue for many people. No business can survive or grow without being in touch with social media today. Just because of authentic social media platforms like Twitter where world officials share news, announcements, and thoughts. The third and very interesting cause of attraction of social media is reputation building and gaining popularity in the shortest period. This is a great platform for influencers. A viral video clip or meme is the fastest way to earn fame in all groups of generations.

Social Media’s Addiction!

Checking your heartbeat’s changing rhythm as likes and dislikes fluctuate with every updated story and as you await comments on TikTok or Snapchat can measure how intensively social media is embedded in our lives. People now casually adopt habits like posting pictures of new tourist sites, hanging out with friends on the latest adventure, dining out somewhere to have sky-high cuisine, and upgrading their cars to newly changed models. At this stage it becomes addiction. Check the level of your addiction yourself!

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Most of our daily communication has turned into text messages and voice notes. One-on-one and physical social interactions between friends and family members are declining. We spend most of our time alone. This may lead to isolation-related psychological and social problems. The habit of watching social media every 10 minutes to see official or unofficial updates has become automatic. This addiction has pushed us towards a dilemma. Whether we choose to reduce its use or not, and how it can be made possible. These are the adverse effects of social media.

This would not be wrong to say that social media is now crucially controlling our priorities both regarding time and choices in life. Among consumers of social media, more than 50 % is the contribution of our youth between the ages of 18 to 35. It’s bringing absolute changes in our Habits, behaviors, and culture. A specially selected content of the user’s interest nourishes every user individually. Our areas of interest are no longer very personal. Through social media, we all are being hacked.

Points to ponder

Despite all the positive aspects of social media we need to think about its negative aspects as well. Simply, we need to keep a check on the way we use it. To achieve the maximum gains of this technology we should ask certain questions from ourselves and make some valid and obvious decisions.

  • What kind of time do we extract out of the whole day for using social media? Whether these are important minutes or leisure minutes? If we want to live a disciplined and planned life we should make a wise choice for ourselves.
  • Whether we want to be informed, updated, or entertained. The purpose of using technology should be very clear.
  • We want convenience in daily routine and life or be trapped by technology sellers.

Whatever the decision we make, make it obvious and stick to it. It’s all about our priorities and choices that we want, why we want them, and how we develop a desire for them.

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