Arshad Nadeem bags Silver win in World Athletic Championship.!

arshad nadeem at world athletic championship

The respected article embraces a 26-year-old javelin thrower, ARSHAD NADEEM, who has made Pakistan proud. He scripted history by winning the WORLD ATHELETIC CHAMPIONSHIP. He made the whole nation proud by securing second place in the global competition. It is the first-ever time Pakistan marked its win in the competition held in Budapest.

The impressive FINAL between Arshad Nadeem and Neeraj Chopra:

arshad nadeem and neeraj chopra

Arshad Nadeem won silver as the top position held by Neeraj Chopra of India. But he won gold on behalf of his country. Arshad Nadeem fought bravely throughout the tournament. There were five attempts given to each player reaching up to the final. Chopra in his five attempts could only manage to hit a figure of 88.17 meters.

Now the turn of Arshad Nadeem to prove his versatility. In his first attempt, he could only throw the javelin up to 74 meters. The second attempt was impressive marking a figure of 82.8 meters. The third one was better than the previous one. This time, it was 87.15 meters. After this attempt, only Neeraj Chopra was left after him. Although there were 2 attempts to go. Everything could have happened at that moment. But, the fourth attempt was behind the third one. Followed by the most unfortunate attempt, the last one, which flew into a foul. Crushing Arshad Nadeem’s dream of winning a gold.
But everyone in the country is proud of Arshad Nadeem. He has made Pakistan proud by winning the first-ever silver medal in this tournament.

The great Arshad Nadeem:

arshad nadeem
Credits: Khaleej Times

Arshad Nadeem has an impressive background in having records. He is the first Pakistani to secure a gold medal in Commonwealth Games athletics since 1962.

He scored a spot in the Paris Olympics which will held in 2024. This was the result of a remarkable throw of 87.15 meters.

Last year he won the gold in the Commonwealth Games. He has been recorded as the longest javelin thrower in South Asia.

Although his family is troubled by financial issues he is a symbol of enthusiasm. Among a family of nine with a lack of financial support, he never let his dreams down. Everyone struggling should learn from such people.

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