Best Scientific Movies Based on Biographies of Scientists

best scientific movies including a beautiful mind

With Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer making waves at the box office, we bring you our top picks from the best scientific movies that depict the lives of geniuses on the silver screen.

Here are our top picks:

1. The Theory of Everything

Set at the University of Cambridge, this movie deep dives into the life of one of the finest minds of this century Stephen Hawking. The film went on to win 5 Academy Awards including the Best Picture category. This romance drama beautifully portrays the struggles Hawking underwent after receiving a diagnosis of motor neuron disease. It will take you through a whirlwind of emotions, and jaw-dropping performances that discover the intricacies of life itself. Eddie Redmayne gave a performance of his lifetime which was beautifully contrasted by the brilliant Felicity Jones. It is worth your time!

theory of everything movie scene

2. Radioactive

The life of the first woman to ever win a Nobel Prize in Science and the first scientist to win two Nobel Prizes, Marie Curie, was full of controversies. Her scandalous life overshadowed her contributions to the scientific world. This Rosamund Pike (Marie Curie) and Sam Riley (Pierre Curie) starrer drama explores the life of the genius beyond the slander that Marie Curie experienced. Moreover, the much-needed biography gives a glimpse into the fairytale romance of the Curies. This movie will bind you, leaving you with inspiration, sadness, and many lingering thoughts.

radioactive movie scene

3. The man who knew infinity

It is one of the best scientific movies you will see. This British Dev Patel starrer drama is based on the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. After growing up poor in India, Ramanujan finally reaches Cambridge, where Prof. G.H. Hardy recognizes him. The film explores the challenges that the young genius had to face to make it in a world that couldn’t look past his race. However, Ramanujan’s genius gets the recognition that he deserves but fate has something else planned for him. In his short life span of 32 years, the mark he left was influential enough to serve as the basis for the mathematics of many advanced phenomena.

the man who knew infinity movie scene

4. A beautiful mind

Russel Crowe depicts the life of mathematician John Nash on the silver screen with this Academy Winner drama. John Nash was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The toll that the disease had on his daily life is somewhat dramatized in this masterpiece. The Nobel Prize winner mathematician had his contributions in diverse fields with the development of Game Theory, primarily in Economics. Wear your seat belts as an emotional roller coaster is heading your way!

a beautiful mind movie scene

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