First PAKISTANI ASTRONAUT Namira Salim to set history

Namira Salim first Pakistani Astronaut

This article aims to tell the world about the phenomenal breakthrough. A breakthrough that might put Pakistan on the map of space exploration.  Pakistani Astronaut NAMIRA SALIM tends to raise the national flag in SPACE later this year.


richard branson

Richard Branson and the Galactic Group founded the American spaceflight company Virgin Galactic (VG). The company provides suborbital space tourism experiences to paying customers. The customers who are paying to Virgin Galactic are allowed to experience weightlessness. They can have an experience of seeing Earth from outer space. Beyond the space tourism Virgin Galactic also contributes to research and development. They can use the knowledge gained from their suborbital flights to further research and advances. For this purpose, Virgin Galactic has explored partnerships with research institutions, educational organizations, etc. This provides education-related payloads to be flown on spacecraft. And now Virgin Galactic has given the chance to Pakistani Astronaut Namira Salim to glitter in the sky with her skills.


pakistani astronaut namira salim

Namira Salim is the founder and chairperson of Space Trust. Internationally recognized, she holds the distinction of being the first-ever future tourist of space from South Asia and Monaco via Virgin Galactic. NAMIRA SALIM has become a symbol of women’s empowerment in PAKISTAN. In 2006, she earned the title of “FIRST PAKISTANI ASTRONAUT.” Hailing from Karachi, Namira is an impassioned traveler. She is the first Pakistani to travel to the North and South poles and the first Asian to skydive from Mount Everest. Namira hoisted a peace flag of the nation at the two poles of the world. She received the “Power of 100 Trailblazer Award” in London in 2013 to promote international peace and harmony. In 2015 she started his non-profit space trust to promote space as a new frontier for peace.

Namira Salim’s cooperation with Virgin Galactic

Namira Salim with Richard Branson
Source: Dawn Images

Salim became one of the founding members of the tourism Company of RICHARD BANSON in 2006. She was one of the tens of thousands of people who applied for flights and were eventually selected. She was not a businesswoman with deep pockets. After completing her graduation from abroad she came to Pakistan. She became the founding president of the International Association of Students in Economics and Business Management, a cultural exchange program that works with the UN. Then in 1997, she moved to Monaco for the betterment of diplomatic relations. In 2011 she became the honorary consul of Pakistan to the principality of Monaco. In the years that passed she made her deposit with the virgin group. Her launch of SPACE TRUST in 2015 was a build to promote peace through space. It is pushing to set the first peace summit by 2030.

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