Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

google bard competitor of ChatGPT

In this world of AI advancements, there is a race between tech giants to provide a better functioning AI-powered bot to its users. Many tools are available in the market for addressing different types of user queries like designing images and providing basic codes to programmers. ChatGPT is the most used AI-based language model. It is currently the most popular AI tool in the market. Recently, Google launched its AI-based language model named Bard. In this article, we’ll determine whether Google Bard is comparable to ChatGPT. Or still, the GPT is far better than the Bard.

Chat GPT

ChatGPT is an AI-based language model tool that gets text-based outputs such as writing emails, poems, and essays on different topics. It also provides basic and complex codes to its users which is very helpful for programmers and developers. This chatbot was developed by OpenAI, an AI and research company. They launched it on November 30, 2022. ChatGPT is the most popular AI-based tool nowadays. Now there are many competitors in the market just as Google Bard and Microsoft Bing, and Apple-GPT is also expected in the future.

ChatGPT is a professional and formal text-generating AI-based tool that is very useful to many industries like the tech industry. It is a self-learner AI tool that has gathered information from big forums like Qoura and Reddit and it is more friendly to humans. So, will its alternatives replace it ever? For instance, is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

Google Bard

Google is been working on the use of AI in every way it provides services to its users. From the beginning, search was the main goal of Google and now it is improving its search by use of AI. Google Bard is a recently launched chatbot by Google. It is an experimental conversational AI service, by Google. Bard also provides help and assistance in the search. Basically, it was launched to improve Google search and also to help users by providing text-based content as ChatGPT is been doing. We’re going to discuss the plus points and benefits provided by Bard to encounter the areas where ChatGPT lacks.

Some people are continuously pondering whether Google Bard is better than ChatGPT in case of results and responses. There is no doubt that ChatGPT has gathered a market of content developers but its competitors like Google Bard and Microsoft Bing are dividing its audience.

Unbiased Comparison Between Both Chat Bots

This extensive analysis will reveal each perspective encountered by a typical user and the audience these language models are aimed.

1. Pricing Packages

ChatGPT provides access to GPT-4, its most capable model, in its plus subscription which is worth 20 dollars per month, which is quite expensive for some users. It also has its free plan but has a restriction on questioning that you can’t ask more questions if your limit exceeds. You can only ask a few questions in an hour and if the limit is reached it will stop answering your queries or prompts.

ChatGPT plus package

While Bard is completely free of cost and doesn’t have any Plus or Premium packages. Because it’s a service provided by Google to improve its search results.

2. Format of Content

ChatGPT provides text-based content in the form of bullets and you can ask it for resizing and also for more explanation. It can also provide you with content in the form of paragraphs (if required) and it also summarizes the text for you.

On the other hand, Bard provides well-structured content, and in case of explanation, it provides an introductory paragraph, main body, and the conclusion of the whole discussion. It can also provide content in any format you want.

3. Extra Drafts

Bard generates several different drafts of the same response. In this way, the user gets a minimum of 3 responses to a single query. This creates a lot more difference between the response-generating capabilities of Bard and ChatGPT. For instance, if a programmer asks Bard for a code then it gets 3 different types of codes for the same condition.

Bard drafts

But in the case of GPT, there is only one response at a time. Still, there is an option for regenerate response, which will regenerate another response of the same query.

4. Modify Response

Bard has also an option available for users without entering a prompt and that is modifying the current response. This option allows users to edit the generated response in manners; Shorter, Longer, Simple, More Casual, and More Professional. This will simply edit the generated response to the desired modification.

Bard's modify responce option

In the case of ChatGPT, you’ve to enter the modification in the form of a prompt and then it will generate the response with desired modifications.

5. Share or Export Response

Bard has also allowed users to export the response in the form of email through Gmail, export to docs – which will paste the whole text response to Google Docs automatically, and you can also share the AI-generated response to some other platform or third-party application. This makes Bard a more functional AI tool as compared to ChatGPT.

Bard's share option

ChatGPT has only given the option to copy text response and paste it anywhere.

6. Voice typing and can read the output

Due to tieding with Google, Bard has another option available which is voice typing. This enables the user to enter a prompt by just using voice input. This is very beneficial for people struggling with vision deficiency and are unable to type the prompt manually. Bard also can read the text response generated by it which is another plus point over GPT.

Also, Bard can take whole files as input.

While ChatGPT has none of the above-mentioned options available for users.

7. Tied with Google

Due to being tied with a search engine like Google, you can now Google your query also and it will provide you text-based responses as well as search engine result pages. This improves the overall experience of Google as a search engine because it combines search engine result pages with the response of Bard. In this way, Google is developing all of its AIs to improve the overall user experience.

8. Images in output

There is another way in which Bard is pushing GPT out of the way and that is image as an output. Bard shows you images of places and locations as a result if you ask it to do so. This is another plus point.

Bard generated content contaning images

But in the case of GPT, the output is only text-based and doesn’t contain any images in any case.


Bard is better than ChatGPT in many cases. But GPT is more professional and explanatory than Bard. Bard is pushing GPT out of the way in such cases where the public wants more options and modifications than the options GPT provides. ChatGPT is selling the service but on the other hand, Google is providing the facility to its users and improving its search engine results. Some researchers are finding that ChatGPT’s content is far more professional, in-depth, and intelligent. The reason is that GPT has scanned mega platforms of information such as Quora and Reddit etc. And also GPT is more human-friendly.

To read more about Google’s upcoming AI tools in the words of Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) click here.

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