Jeevan Nagar – Green TV Drama – Episode 19 Review & Upcoming Story

Rabia Butt as Munni in Jeevan Nagar drama

First, let’s have a quick flashback on the latest running story of Jeevan Nagar. The drama Jeevan Nagar of Green TV Entertainment started with a funny angle of showing a local Punjabi community of Jeevan Nagar. A month ago this drama took a serious turn when Sabir and Shakir along with Raja Plaster planned and successfully murdered Jeevan Nagar’s most powerful personality Babar Shah and replaced his duplicate Lali Guru as Babar Shah.

Past Story of Jeevan Nagar

After this incident, the situation in Jeevan Nagar got intended because Babar Shah’s duplicate was now just a puppet in the hands of Billa, one of the men of Babar Shah. Many decisions and stories going on in Jeevan Nagar because Babar Shah got a swift run back because of Lali’s replacement as Babar Shah.

Incidents of Episode 19

In the recent episode of Jeevan Nagar, it is seen that the number of quarrels between the three casts of Jeevan Nagar is getting more. This is because of the robbery of Faqira’s treasure. This incident again is backed by Billa. Faizan did this task for Billa in order to gain trust in him. Mangeray, one of the casts of Jeevan Nagar, has been violated because of the robbery of Faqira’s treasure which was just given to them by Babar Shah (Lali).

Lali Guru as Babar Shah in Jeevan Nagar
Lali Guru as Babar Shah

There are also some incidents that happened in this episode. Khuwaja Sarah student of Lali Guru has been shifted to Rafique’s residence. And now Lali is glad because of their presence. Billa has also sealed the Shelter home of Munni. Munni herself is getting frustrated because of the behavior of Babar Shah (Lali) and his men.

Upcoming Story of Jeevan Nagar

The public is expecting the return of Babar Shah who has been killed by Sabir, Shakir, and Raja Plaster with the help of Billa. But it is expected that Munni will expose the reality of Lali and Billa’s collaboration. And the whole peace of Jeevan Nagar will again be sustained by the return of Babu, the narrator of the story. Let’s see what jumps and setbacks are remaining for our thriller in the story.

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