Jeevan Nagar – Green TV Drama – Episode 23 Review & Upcoming Story

Babar shah from Jeevan Nagar drama

In the past episodes of Jeevan Nagar’s drama, we see that Munni and Majid started a social media group. It was named ‘Save the Jeevan Nagar’ because it included all residents of Jeevan Nagar. Munni tried to encourage the residents of Jeevan Nagar so that they could take action against the ongoing violence.

Munni and Majid got a bit of a positive response from some people. But most of the residents were against the opinions of Munni. But still, some people were in support of the ideologies of Munni and therefore she decided to come in front so that those people could find a face to support.

Because of this propaganda of Munni and Majid against Babar Shah and his men, Billa decides to track out the location of the anonymous person behind it. Eventually, Billa gets the location of the number of Admin of the ‘Save the Jeevan Nagar’ group. And he orders his man to kidnap her in the night. But here comes a new surprise for the audience.

Munni gets kidnapped by someone else just before Billa’s orders. It will be revealed in the next episode who was behind this kidnapping because Billa is still in search of her.

In this episode, there was also a lesson and a short teaching on child abuse because it was linked with Lali Guru’s childhood experiences. It will be further cleared in the next episode. So let’s hope for some more entertainment in the upcoming episodes of Jeevan Nagar.

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