Top 5 Underrated Horror Movies to Watch this Spooky Season

horror movies

With Halloween just around the corner, we compiled a list of the horror movies you can watch to make the spooky season even spookier!

1. Tumbbad (2018)

a horror movie scene

We have to admit that there have not been quite intriguing horror movies coming from the Indian film industry. But Tumbbad comes as a surprise and is by far the most exquisitely designed and written movie, a brain-child of Anand Gandhi. This folk horror story explores the story of a family who is affected by the greed of Vinayak. Vinayak sets on a journey to explore the hidden treasure kept with the forbidden idol Hastar. The film met with wide critical appreciation. The first Indian film to be screened at the critic’s section of the 75th Venice Film Festival! The story stays true to its mythology while building up the atmosphere for the gruesome events to be unfolded on screen and it does this from the very start. A not-to-be-missed horror drama that will keep you intrigued till the end due to the great storywriting.

2. Possession (1981)

a scene of possession film

This Andrzej Żuławski psychological-horror takes the concept of forbidden desires to a new level. A spy upon arrival at home from a mission to West Berlin discovers that his marriage is in shambles. His wife asks him for divorce without stating the reason. The wife then goes on to exhibit some bizarre and disturbing behavior. The reason for divorce is unveiled. Anna-the wife, falling in love or better to say possessed by the love of an otherworldly creature. The film failed to impress the audience upon its release. However, Isabelle Adjani received appraisal for her powerful performance throughout the movie. The movie has the ability to get under the skin of the audience. As a result, it has gained the status of a cult classic throughout the years.

3. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

image of a old horror film

The most brilliant piece of cinema! A black & white-silent-horror extra-ordinary quintessential piece of the German expressionist movement that pioneered the twisted endings. The film tells the story of Dr. Caligari, an insane hypnotist who commits murders using a noctambulist (sleepwalker). The creative tools that are used just make it one of the most early watches of a horror movie fan.

4. No One Will Save You (2023)

No One Will Save You movie scene

This sci-fi horror tells the story of a girl living alone in her childhood home. She has a troubled past and is shunned by her townspeople. As she is dealing with the grief of the loss of her mother and a childhood friend, unusual events start taking place. One night some strange creatures break into her home. This is a well-crafted piece that takes the usual alien troop but builds a sensitive story around it.

5. Birth/Re-Birth (2023)

two women sitting on floor and talking to each other

The protagonist of our sci-fi horror story is Dr. Rose who is a morgue technician and is known for her work trying to bring the dead back to life. It is just when her co-worker Celie’s daughter dies, Dr. Rose is successful in achieving what she aimed for. But it all comes at a cost!

Parallels can be drawn between Mary Shelley’s Viktor Frankenstein and Dr. Rose. Morality, motherhood, the balance between life and death all these themes are touched upon in this film. Dr. Rose’s actions throughout the film make your skin crawl. This makes this one of the best films to explore the horror around bodies.

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