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Saba Qamar in Green tv drama

Pakistani media’s strong suit has always been its drama series. The gripping, elegant, and relatable storylines have resonated not only with Pakistani people but many South Asians living across the globe.

But for the past few years, the content that has made it onto our screens is the downgrade we never asked for. To meet with the race of TRPs all entertainment channels kept themselves busy with creating the same content. And the audience ended in the never-ending cycle of toxic consummation of baseless content.

Green TV Entertainment

To tackle the shortage of creative content, Green TV Entertainment promised to be the Knight in Shining Armor of the Pakistani media industry. Also, it has our hopes hyped all the way up!

About the Owner

Under the flagship of Al-Kamal Media (Pvt.) Lt., the COO Imran Raza aims to revive the old magic of the Pakistani drama industry. Mr. Raza has been in the business for a long time with many ISPR projects under his belt. He has also done other projects like Udaari, Sammi & Sadqey Tumhare. His vision for Green TV is to produce content that deals with societal issues in a sensible and creative way. To tell people the stories they can relate to.

Imran Raza - COO of Green TV Entertainment

Imran Raza- COO of Green TV Entertainment

Though every project of Green TV Entertainment stands out in its own way, here are the projects that we found are worth the hype!

4. Tumhare Husn Ke Naam

Tired of the tales of toxic heroes waiting to save the bechaari heroine (who BTW has only one job in the whole storyline and that is ignoring the red flags)? Then this should be on your watchlist. The magnificent Saba Qamar as Salma: the smart, creative, and ambitious girl who crosses paths with Sikandar: another sensitive, smart, hard-working, creative boy played by the hunk Imran Abbas. After an accident, the boy falls in love with the girl and is too shy to express himself. Hang on, there is a classic villain waiting to disrupt the lives of love birds as we move along into the tale of these two. We’re not gonna lie there are some cliches waiting for you along the storyline. But what makes it stand out is the way the story is being told in a sensitive and beautiful way without resorting to lazy writing…

Nevertheless, it is a treat!

Official trailer of Tumhare Husn Ke Naam.

3. Jeevan Nagar

Set in the fictional world of Jeevan Nagar, the story revolves around the people of a small town living in harmony, but their lives are changed after the two rivals Babbar Shah (played by the brilliant Sohail Ahmed) and Palaster (played wonderfully by Iftikhar Ahmed Usmani) come face to face because of corrupt people trying to take hold of the land that belonged to people of Jeevan Nagar.

But what is the catch here?

The double life of our protagonist Babbar Shah who seems also to be the Guru of a Khawajasira community gets to light…

Rabia Butt, portraying Munni, embodies the exact type of lead required to contrast with the character of Babbar Shah. The show so far tells the story in a very light-hearted way where the audience can relate to every single character without exhorting stereotypes. This series is an absolute delight to watch out for!

Official trailer of drama Jeevan Nagar.

2. Nauroz

Everybody saw Mawra Hocane trending on Twitter the other day, right?

Well, that was because of her Mawrellous way of bringing to life the character of Rishtina in Green TV Entertainment’s Nauroz. Suddenly left all on her own to explore the intricacies of life and the good and evil a human being can possess, an innocent girl who did not see the world until the age of 20 steps into a new chapter of her life. The story is much more than meets the eye. It is a beautifully written script where the writer tries to take the audience on a journey on which they are bound to question the world as it exists today. Mawra outdid herself this time and has given a once-in-a-lifetime performance!

Official trailer of drama Nauroz.

1. Kabli Pulao

You will be wondering why this drama series earned the first spot on our list.

Well, it is not for the reasons you might be wondering…

Despite the unconventional storyline and the sensitive characters written for the screen, every character brings to the screen a flavor. We chose this to be on top due to the preserved cultural accuracy and sensitivity on the screen.

The story revolves around a middle-aged man Haji Mushtaq (played extraordinarily by Mohammed Ehtashamuddin) who often sets on religious journeys and is forced by circumstances to marry a 20-something widow Barbeena (brought to life by Sabeena Farooq). The man due to societal pressures and the expectations of family decides to conceal the fact that he married the girl. In this beautiful exploration of love, emotions, and societal constraints, the actors genuinely expressed their honesty toward the characters they were playing. And as soon as you sit to watch they will force you to be glued to your screens…

Here’s the beautiful OST of the drama serial sung by the maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:

Official trailer of drama Kabli Pulao.

This content is guaranteed to entertain you and force you to look at things in a way you have never… we’re hoping for more!

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