Twitter rebrand to X – Musk loses the Twitter logo!

twitter rebrand

Around midnight on July 23rd Musk started tweeting and after some hours finally he announced the rebranding of Twitter to a single character brand named ‘X‘. He also emailed his Twitter employees with Twitter’s email address might be the last time, telling them that Twitter will be rebranded as ‘X’. Twitter rebranded to X by Elon Musk in such a surprising way that it also astonished its employees as well.

Elon Musk is always been a surprising personality with enchanting ideas in the field of business. He has flourished the world many times with his wonderful technology embedment in Tesla electric cars production. Musk also build space crafts with SpaceX and amazed the world with his success. He also made logical policies in PayPal. Musk bought Twitter last year paying 44 billion dollars, and now rebranding it with X. He didn’t give any brief explanation on this rebranding but many questions are circulating on social media and Twitter as well.

Twitter logo rebranding

Twitter’s bird logo has been changed to X which is a major shift after Musk’s owning the social media platform. Musk also posted a short video of a projected X logo on Twitter’s headquarters building in California. Musk also informed that they’re removing the bird logo from the building saying that “We’re cutting the Twitter logo off the building with blow torches.”

Twitter’s CEO Linda Yaccarino Twitter the updated logo which is now Musk’s Profile Picture on his Twitter account. And she further briefed in her tweet that this rebranding will lift Twitter from just a social media platform to an application for everything.

Redirecting to

The domain “” which Musk bought back in 2017 from Paypal is now being directed to “”. And from now on will be the bird site we used till now. In April, Musk changed the company name from Twitter Corp. to X Corp. Even the whole theme of Twitter has been changed to X Corp.

Here’s an article with a detailed explanation of X corporation’s goals.

It is still a debate whether this massive change will satisfy the users or again it is going to lose users. It is a wide range of opinions available between tech giants, like Marques Brownlee. He tweeted that he’ll still call it Twitter, to which Musk responded, “Not for long.”

Reason for the Twitter rebrand

  • As discussed above this transformation will bring Twitter from just a social media platform to an application/platform where many services will be provided under one roof.
  • Twitter or we should call, will also work as a transactional app just like Paypal.
  • It will also provide AI services to its users.

Because of these services, Twitter can be converted into a profitable company. These are the reasons for this transformation in the views of experts.

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