Unlocking the Universe’s Secret: Mysterious Antimatter Unveiled

Scientists intend to unveil the mysteries about the existence of antimatter. As the name suggests, antimatter is the opposite of matter. Everything that surrounds us is comprised of matter. But how is antimatter? Does it really exist? It is very important to know about the secrets of antimatter as we can utilize it in many of the various fields.

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Information About Matter’s Mirror:

The basic information we perceive about antimatter is its opposite charge. Antimatter is like matter having an opposite electric charge. e.g. electron is a matter having a naturally negative charge. Its antimatter counterpart comprises of positive charge known to be positron. but the nature of the matter and antimatter is the same i.e. they both behave the same. The only difference is in charge, this is what has been discovered so far.

The neutrons are neutral particles. what if antimatter exists? The physicists claims neutrinos which are fundamental neutral particles their antimatter counterpart.

The Biggest Mystery: Antimatter Responds to Gravity:

Taking into consideration the Einstein field equations, Physicists of CERN were able to solve one of the major mysteries of the universe. They were able to conclude that likewise matter, and antimatter also respond to gravity.

There was a recent experiment where scientists made an antihydrogen. In Switzerland, at CERN there is the world’s largest particle accelerator. An experiment conducted ensured that the antimatter falls under the influence of gravity. The antihydrogen is comprised of an antiproton (antimatter counterpart of a proton) and a positron (antimatter counterpart of the electron). The antihydrogen falls free under the influence of gravity.

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If Matter and Antimatter Annihilate then where’s the Mysterious Antimatter?

matter and antimatter

After the Big Bang, the universe is believed to be enriched with matter and antimatter equally. But it’s the lack of antimatter that stood by as one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. This rejects the standard model of Physics.

If they were found in equal ratios they must have annihilated. There were only flashes of energy left. But this isn’t the case. This thing made physicists curious and the scientists of CERN were successful in making tiny samples of antimatter at incredible expense.

There are still many questions scientists are curious to find. But the most important and recent experiment was to check their fall. Because if they fell opposite to the influence of gravity, it must have put scientists into great trouble. As in this case, a loophole in gravity must have existed.

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