Who is Shaheera Jalil Albasit?

Shaheera Jalil Albasit

With the success and audience praise that recent drama Razia has received, Shaheera Jalil Albasit has become a familiar face. With her tremendous portrayal of Razia, she has won the hearts of many. Debuting with a small role in the drama Meesni, she has now been growing as an actor and her smart choices for the projects have been lauded. But before stepping into the acting world, Shaheera has been playing her part in making this world a better place.

Academic History

This young girl hailing from Karachi has always been exceptional. In 2009, Shaheera Jalil Albasit was the winner of the debate round of ‘Quanta’ which took place in Lucknow, India. She competed against participants from 19 other countries and stood out amongst them. Al-Basit studied Geophysics for Bahria University on a merit scholarship & completed her Masters in Public Administration from Washington University on a Fulbright Scholarship.

Shaheera’s Time in US

Shaheera Jalil Albasit giving speech in the House of Reoresentatives, US
Source: Shaheera Jalil Al-Basit (Facebook account)

In 2018 she was pursuing her Masters degree when an unfortunate incident occurred. Shaheera’s 17-year-old cousin Sabika Sheikh, who was an exchange student in Texas was killed in a mass shooting at her school. A student opened fire at Santa Fe High School Texas killing Sabika along with 9 others. Shaheera then took it upon herself to raise her voice against this issue and do something about it. During her remaining time in the US, she co-wrote three gun safety bills including one in the name of her cousin, the HR127 Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing & Registration Act.

Here is a link to her article published in Teen Vogue highlighting the issue of Gun Violence in the US:


Youth Quota Bill

Shaheera Jalil Albasit was a member of the Pakistan Youth Parliament. In 2016, she placed second in the Asian Development Bank youth competition for her project that aimed to bring the participation and involvement of the youth into the administration and legislation.

Shaheera Jalil Albasit along with PMLN Leadership
Source: Shaheera Jalil Al-Basit (Facebook account)

She worked to on a bill that aimed to guarantee a 30% quota for youth in all political parties, with a special preference for the youth from marginalized communities. For the purpose of getting the bill up for debate in the parliament, Shaheera met with politicians from all political parties. However, the procedure for getting the bill through was not easy. Many obstacles were in the way of her work. She rubbed shoulders with big names such as Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Fawad Choudhary, Khwaja Saad Rafique, and many others in order to propose the bill.

Shaheera Jalil Albasit standing along with Fawad Chaudhery
Source: Shaheera Jalil Al-Basit (Facebook account)

Despite her tireless efforts, the bill lapsed and failed to send before the Standing Committee. Nevertheless, Shaheera has been hopeful in bringing the bill forward once again.

Shaheera Jalil Al-basit’s exceptional personality gives us hope & makes us believe that the future of Pakistan is in safe hands.

We wish her all the best for her upcoming endeavors whether as a public strategist or a rising actress!

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